Back Pillow For Bed


  • Ultimate Comfort: This headboard pillow offers excellent comfort thanks to its triangular form design. The bed support cushion fits the back and waist nicely, minimizing lumbar/ back pressure. This wedge reading pillow can help you stay tension-free in bed or sofa, which is ideal for working night owls, bookworms, and watching TV in bed. This extra large bolster pillow is the only wedge headboard pillow that can accomodate two persons.
  • 3 in 1 Large bolster Pillow: You can use the pillow upright as a back support headboard pillow for sitting in bed or lay it flat on the bed to use it as a large wedge pillow when sleeping on your back or side, or as a leg pillow to elevate your legs. If you want a large headboard pillow that provides support for both you and your spouse. It’s an excellent alternative.
  • Multifunctional Design: Some people use the triangle large cushion as a headboard pillow, while others use it as a bumper pillow, it’s also can be a couch or daybed backrest bolster pillow. It’s stylish as well as functional, making it an excellent addition to any bedroom.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: The pillowcase is corduroy look which the composition is 100% polyester. our headboard pillow is breathable and comfortable enough to hold its shape and not lose its shape over time, A side pocket on each side allows you to slip your book or your phone.
  • Easy to Wash: The reading pillow cover is attached to the pillow with buttons, and is easy to remove with a simple zipper. This makes its cleaning hassle free. Just remove the cover and do a quick machine wash to make your pillow look like new.
  • Size: 45cm (L45 x W20 x H50 | 0 buttons), 60cm (L60 x W20 x H50 | 0 buttons), 80cm (L80 x W20 x H50 | 2 buttons), 100cm (L100 x W20 x H50 | 3 buttons), 120cm (L120 x W20 x H50 | 4 buttons), 140cm (L140 x W20 x H50 | 4 buttons), 160cm (L160 x W20 x H50 | 5 buttons), 180cm (L180 x W20 x H50 | 6 buttons), 200cm (L200 x W20 x H50 | 7 buttons).
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